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“First” is an acrylic painting by Hunter, a Shiba Inu. The main colours on this painting are different shades of blue. The painting is done on ​heavy weight, acid free acrylic paper and non-toxic acrylic paint. Hunter loves to paint. It’s a new hobby he started recently. This is Hunter’s very first painting. You can see more of the rough brush strokes in this painting.


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Hunter has always been a very intelligent and curious Shiba Inu. He is always pushing for new tricks to learn, so we started painting with him around March 2017. Painting started out as mental enrichment for Hunter. He loves to learn new things. He has taken agility classes and knows many different tricks, like cleaning up his toys, stacking rings, or fetching slippers. We eventually needed some art for our walls and decided to teach Hunter to create some.

The first time we tried it, we were amazed at how well the painting turned out. He really seemed to enjoy doing it so we just kept going. One thing that we are always impressed with is how unique each painting is. He can get pretty creative with his brush strokes depending on his mood. We see lots of dabs and checkmarks with the heavier brushes and then some loops and flicks with the lighter brushes. Hunter paints as often as he wants to. We never force him to paint.

Every evening we have a training session and he likes to rotate different tricks to keep things fresh. Hunter loves painting in his own studio the best, but he as painted at different locations like at a charity event for SCARS , a local animal rescue . He loves to give back and has worked with SCARS raising over $1000 for them. When we first posted pictures of him on Facebook and Reddit and that picture went viral. Many people began to ask us to set up an Etsy page to purchase his painting. wrote an article on him. Then, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, and others around the world covered him. The internet loved watching him work his brush strokes and the rest is history.

We’ve seen a lot of support for Hunter from everyone over the past couple of years. We love seeing the memes and reading the fan mail that Hunter gets. We feel that Hunter’s work relates to a lot of people especially now with everything being online. People can watch him paint on his Instagram or Facebook account. Sometimes, we do live paint nights on Instagram as well. People can interact, leave comments, and start to build a sense of familiarity with Hunter.

Many people who enjoy Hunter’s work are animal lovers or some more specifically, Shiba lovers. We know that we only have a limited amount of time with Hunter and we treasure every minute of it. We take lots of pictures and videos of him to preserve these memories. However, with everything being digital, it’s nice to have something that is one of a kind and tangible that we can keep furever!

His paintings are inspired by Hunter and his favourite surroundings. For example, one of his most popular paintings is Selfie. It is a self-pawtrait using the main colours of Hunter’s own fur colours, black, tan, and cream. Rocky Mountains is also popular. The inspawration for this painting comes from the gorgeous Rocky Mountains he visits each year in Banff, Alberta. He enjoys long hike with views of this mountain range.

Painting Size:
9″ x  12″

Dog Artist:

Pet Parent:
Denise Lo

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