Spring Fling

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This vibrant canvas showcases a playful dance of blue and pink hues, created by two talented ‘trick dogs.’ Known for their artistic and athletic skills, these canine artists donate their artwork to pet charities, blending joy with philanthropy in each spirited brushstroke.

Ivy (Dog) and Picasso (Dog)


Winning bid includes free shipping. All proceeds support the Tripawds Foundation Kaiserin Fund to help dogs and cats with cancer.

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Take two talented trick dogs, known for their artistic flair and generosity to charities, and you have a “Spring Fling!” masterpiece. A true feast for the eyes, Ivy and Picasso’s collaboration captures the essence of dogs who just want to have fun and bring happiness to others. Separated by miles but joined together by a love for art, their brushstrokes are as lively and spirited as their jumps and tricks.

Painting Size: 12″ x 12″

Paint Colors: Enjoy this lively combination of pastel tones showcasing shades of sky blue and aquamarine, soft pinks, creamy yellows, and hints of green,

Materials Used: Acrylic and canvas

Artist 1: Ivy
Pet Parent:
Lisa Kite
IG: @availablepaintingsbyivy

Artist 2: Picasso
Pet Parent: Yvonne Dagger
FB: @dog_vinci

Country of Origin: USA

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Additional information

About Ivy

Ivy just turned 11 years old. She’s been painting for at least 9 years. She has paintings in many countries and across the US. I started clicker training with Ivy at 12 weeks old as a way to use up puppy energy. We started with the basics with a goal of getting a beer from the refrigerator for my adult children. She loved learning and I loved the bonding so we’ve never stopped. She has a 3 page spreadsheet of tricks but is most known as an artist. We donate all profits to charity. As a result of her philanthropy she’s been featured in many magazines and newspapers including People magazine, Women’s World and Southern Living. Shes done several commercials. She was featured on The Drew Barrymore show and Inside Edition. Ivy has exposed me to so many things I’d never have done. When she’s not painting or doing tricks she loves to take walks and play frisbee. She loves water and paddle boarding. She’s a lifelong thief in the most adorable way!

About Picasso

Born on April 4th, 2022, Picasso III entered the world with a mission to paint and bring happiness to others. Picasso's fascinating backstory as told by his human, fine artist Yvonne Dagger, can be read here: https://www.dogvinci.com/about-picasso.html

He has been painting since he was a puppy, and is a Certified Canine Companions Therapy Dog. Picasso is the successor to Dagger Dog Vinci, a talented dog painter who donated over $150,000 to charity during his lifetime. He's off to a great start!

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May 31, 2024 3:05 pm$155.00
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May 28, 2024 2:08 pm$135.00
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May 26, 2024 1:07 pm$50.00
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