Spring Flowers

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This jubilant canvas swirls with vivid colors: playful orange, royal purple, and bursts of sunny yellow, all dancing joyously on a lively, verdant stage.

Koa (Parrot) and Wilhelmina (Dog)


Winning bid includes free shipping. All proceeds support the Tripawds Foundation Kaiserin Fund to help dogs and cats with cancer.

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“Spring Flowers” was painted at the bottom by Koa the bird and the top by Wilhelmina the German Shepherd. It was a bit challenging to decide how a tiny bird and a huge dog could work on a canvas together. Koa’s up and down strokes looked a lot like greenery and flower stems so he painted the bottom half of the canvas. This 8 by 10 seems like a small size canvas but for him it was huge, the largest canvas he had painted at that point. Once it was Wilhelmina’s turn to paint, we covered the bottom part to protect it and she painted some bright colors to represent spring flowers. The result is a true one of a kind bird/dog collaboration!

Painting Size: 8″ x 10″

Paint Colors: Orange, purple, fuchsia, yellow, green, brown.

Materials Used: Acrylic and canvas

Artist 1: Koa (Canada)
Pet Parent: Gina Keller
IG: @koa_tiko

Artist 2: Wilhelmina (Canada)
Pet Parent: Natasha Baguley
IG: @theworldofwilhelmina

Country of Origin: Canada

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Additional information

About Koa:

Koa is an 8 year old Male Sun Conure Parrot. He has been painting for several years. His style is very unique and one of a kind. He also has about 50 tricks, and a full agility course he runs through. He also has a professional seamstress who makes his clothes and a professional hat designer as well. Koa has a traveling parrot show. He entertains and educates. The Parrot artist paints according to the music playing. Harder music, harder strokes. If the music is slow, or instrumental. The strokes are much lighter.

About Wilhelmina:

Wilhelmina is a long coat German Shepherd who turned 3 in January. She learnt to paint very early in her life and completed her first painting at just 4 months of age. She is the great niece of Kaiserin (the Tripawd dog who is the reason for this whole event) so art runs in her blood. Wilhelmina is also a trick dog champion who does plenty of fun tricks like playing Jenga and basketball and stacking rings. She enjoys cuddling on the sofa when not busy painting and loves her big brother Schultz more than anything in the world.

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