Barking Bright

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Painted with zeal by two artistic pups halfway across the globe from each other, their painting frolics with bold pink splashes on purple. It’s a playfully purple celebration of canine creativity!

Margaux (Dog) and Leo (Dog)


Winning bid includes free shipping. All proceeds support the Tripawds Foundation Kaiserin Fund to help dogs and cats with cancer.

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This whimsical painting bursts with playful pinks splattered across a purple canvas like a dance of joyful confetti. Its bold strokes and splashes seem to giggle with a lively, spirited energy, inviting you into a world where colors frolic freely in delightful abandon.

Painting Size: 16″x12″

Paint Colors: Vibrant magenta whirls, playful pinks, and mischievous purple dance joyously together!

Materials Used: Acrylic and canvas

Artist 1: Leo (Scotland)
Pet Parent:
Emily Anderson

Artist 2: Margaux (USA)
Pet Parent: Ashley McClure
IG: @alloymate3

Country of Origin: USA

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Additional information

About Leo

Leo is a very enthusiastic painter and really enjoys doing it! He's been painting for 3 years. Leo is very enthusiastic and wishes I would let him do it more often. He can perform a wide variety of tricks and is a Guinness World Record holder. He also enjoys agility, scentwork, beach trips and long forest walks!

About Margaux

Margaux has been painting for around four years now, and this is our third Tripawds Art Auction! Margaux and I have enjoyed participating in several sports and activities throughout the past decade, from flyball to trick training to scent work and beyond.

Margaux and I are honored to participate in Sniff4Life Cancer Detection Dog* Program, screening patient samples and detecting cancer at an early state, something even earlier than conventional testing can! We hope to extend survival times and promote quality of life for cancer patients with these efforts.


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