Come Together

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This canvas is alive with color! Lavender frolics with sprightly emerald leaps. Taupe traces whimsy’s outlines, and gold offers sun-kissed glimmers. Amidst this revelry, slate gray whispers secrets, all upon an ivory stage—a joyous mélange in merry disarray.

Rogan (Dog) and Leonard Lee (Dog)


Winning bid includes free shipping. All proceeds support the Tripawds Foundation Kaiserin Fund to help dogs and cats with cancer.

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FROM ROGAN: Leonard and Rogan created two paintings together, both with the same colors. Each of them painted two colors and then shipped to each other to finish. Leonard’s mom kept one piece for her Leonard collab collection and the second piece is “Come Together!”

FROM LEONARD: Leonard and his partner put so much time into deciding on the theme, colors and how to collab on this piece, we hope you all love it as much as we do!

Painting Size: 12″ x 12″

Paint Colors: Lavender, emerald, taupe, gold

Materials Used: Acrylic and canvas

Artist 1: Leonard Lee
Pet Parent: Teresa Hanula (USA)
IG: @liveloveleonardlee
FB: @liveloveleonardlee

Artist 2: Rogan (Canada)
Pet Parent: Megan Bolen
IG: @roganpaints
FB: @roganpaints

Country of Origin: Canada

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Additional information

About Leonard Lee:

Leonard has been painting for over 4 years. He stays busy with all kinds of trick training and holds three Guinness World Records. He also loves to travel and has visited all 50 US states, Canada and Puerto Rico!

About Rogan:

Rogan has been painting for four years. He loves to learn new tricks, spend time with his people and generally be told what a good boy he is. His paintings have raised thousands for rescue organizations and have been featured in art exhibits, magazines and on TV.

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