Love Story

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A splashy, joyous celebration where hot pink and sunset orange shimmy together, while cool mint green and aqua blue twirl around them. Neon yellow zings through like a lightning bolt, adding a zap of electric energy

Schultz (Dog) and Wilhelmina (Dog)


Winning bid includes free shipping. All proceeds support the Tripawds Foundation Kaiserin Fund to help dogs and cats with cancer.

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“Love Story” was painted by German Shepherd siblings Schultz and Wilhelmina. The auction would not be complete without a piece of art from this dynamic duo! They usually paint separately but this time we decided to take turns painting together so they sat side by side and took turns putting brush strokes on the canvas that was partially covered by a heart stencil. Schultz may have been painted in the side of the face a few times as Wilhelmina tried to shove him out of the way to get to the canvas.

We named it “Love Story” because these two had a rocky start when Schultz had a bit of trouble accepting he had a new little sister at first but they have become the best of friends, love each other more than anything and are now inseparable. This title may also be a reference to the popular Taylor Swift song!

Painting Size: 14″x14″

Paint Colors: Hot pink, sunset orange, cool mint, aqua blue, neon yellow.

Materials Used: Acrylic and canvas

Pet Parent: Natasha Baguley

Artist 1: Wilhelmina
IG: @theworldofwilhelmina

Artist 2: Schultz
IG: @thelifeofschultz

Country of Origin: Canada

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Additional information

About Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina is a long coat German Shepherd who turned 3 in January. She learnt to paint very early in her life and completed her first painting at just 4 months of age. She is the great niece of Kaiserin (the Tripawd dog who is the reason for this whole event) so art runs in her blood. Wilhelmina is also a trick dog champion who does plenty of fun tricks like playing jenga and basketball and stacking rings. She enjoys cuddling on the sofa when not busy painting and loves her big brother Schultz more than anything in the world.

About Schultz

Schultz loves to paint! He learnt just after his sister Kaiserin passed from cancer in 2020. It was something that took our minds off the loss and kept us both busy. He would paint every day if I let him. Sometimes when I try to take the brush from him to add more paint, he won't let it go – because he just isn't finished yet! Although he loves the chicken treats he gets during the process, I also really believe he just loves painting to create. Schultz is a trick dog champion who loves holding items to take photos and is very competitive at basketball.

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